Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 2 Discussion Question

In the section called "Should We," the family has a meeting about whether they should stay in Vietnam or go now that the war is getting worse. Some of the family thinks they should stay, some of the family thinks they should go. Why would they want to leave? What could happen to them if they stay? Use specific examples from the story to support your thinking (especially from the section "Should We"). 

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  1. The family would want to leave because the war is coming closer. On page 48, the text says, “In the distance bombs explode like thunder, slashes, lighten the sky, gunfire, falls like rain. Distant yet within ears, within eyes.” The family may also want to leave because they are running out of food. In the text on page 47 it says, “I start to chop off a potato’s end as wide as a thumbnail, then decide to slice off only a sliver.” Mama says, “You deserve to grow up where you don’t worry about saving half a bite of sweet potato.” This shows that that the family is running out of food. Lastly, the family may want to leave because President Thieu cannot be the President any more because they are losing the war.

    If the family stayed bad things might happen. First, they could get hurt if there are bombings near their home. Next, the family could run out of food Most importantly, the family needs to go so Mama and Papa can get back together. In the text on page 50, mother tells Ha, “she and Father have a pact. If the war should separate them, they know to find each other through Father’s ancestral home in the North.” If they didn’t leave Mama and Papa may never get back together. Since the family is going they don’t have the potential of getting hurt or starving because they are so poor. They might get to see Father again.

  2. They would want to leave Saigon because Saigon is falling and they have to get out of Saigon. They know theres going to be a war in Saigon and they think it’s best for them. They are poor and they have a chance to free themselves of being poor. In the last poem I read, “A pilot said “Saigon is gone.” If they would have stayed, they would have fallen with Saigon. It was worth it.(going on a boat to somewhere safe and sound)

    1. Nice job Aaron.
      I liked how you used text evidence.
      If the family stayed what bad things might happen?
      Well thought out.


  3. Ha’s family might want to move to another place because of the war in Vietnam. If they didn’t leave they would be killed by the communists, or the bombs. At the part when Ha’s brother, Khoi, says what if father comes home to an empty family really shows that they think they will come home. It also shows that they have hope and want to stay but they have no choice unless they want to be killed. So, Ma has no choice and they must leave their own country.

  4. Ha’s family might want to move somewhere else because the Communists are coming to take over or destroy Saigon .If they stay, then they will get killed or captured by the soldiers coming to invade Saigon. I think they should leave Saigon and be safe from the Communists. The only reason they are thinking about staying is they want to keep their papaya tree and their brother wants to get more eggs and chicks. They can find these things somewhere else, like America, it might just not be the same.


  5. I think they should leave because the war is getting worse. There will be lots more bombings and even more prices going up. They might become poor or starving. They should want to leave because of all the things that would happen if they stayed, like I listed above. It is a very tough decision because, they discussed that they should go because of the reasons above. But, there are reasons they should stay, like how brother Quang stated, “How can we scramble away like rats, without honor, without dignity, when everyone must help the country?”